Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tiny fingers!

This was from a location session on Saturday. I usually work in the studio, because I love to be able to totally control my light. But this session had to be done on location - the baby was a preemie. She's doing great and the parents are doing so wonderfully with her. I really enjoyed this shoot. It was fun to break out of my element a little bit. Or rather, go back to my old element. All my documentary work was like this. It's always a challenge going someplace new, looking for the best light you can use. It's a different creative process from studio work, but I enjoy it just as much.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Website update and a few new pics

Yes, the site is still down. I'm working on it. Every time I decide to update the website, I'm convinced (deluded?) that I'll be able to finish it in one weekend. I think this is because I put my first site up in one pre-child marathon weekend, many, MANY, years ago. Alas, I don't have quite the time that I think I do. So the site is still down. And it will be up and running again, soon, I promise! If you are looking for a particular type of image, please feel free to drop me an email. I'm happy to send you some images. In the meanwhile...

Here are two from a maternity shoot last night.


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The last snaps from her birthday

I'd promise, but I'd probably be fibbing. :)

She gets it from me. :)

My baby turned 1!

Josie's birthday was yesterday, and we celebrated in style. First, I got to sleep in (I *was* a big part of her birth, after all). Then we went to IHOP, for one of her favorites - pancakes. After that, we thought it would be really fun to sit in rush hour traffic for an hour or so with the kids, on our way to see the cherry blossoms. Last year, right before she was born, this was one of the last things we did with just the three of us. I will always think of Jos when I see them now. I also will always think of her and Ian whenever I hear the song Easter Island Head, because we listened to it about a thousand times last year, and as part of a new tradition, again this year! After Haines Point, we came home so she could nap. Dinner was routine, but it was followed with vanilla ice cream (that she got to eat by herself), and presents. Ian particularly liked the presents, since his job was to help her open them. And of course, afterwards, bath and bed. An all round good first birthday, I think!

New Website

I'm in the midst of switching hosts. Those of you who know me have surely heard me complain about the myriad of problems I've had, so I'm finally jumping ship, and going to Axishost. Or rather, going back to Tina Peters, wherever she's working. (Her hosting company was my very first host, and it was fabulous.)

So, in the meanwhile, the website might be down, or look a little strange as I try and figure out what I want it to look like this time around. (Feel free to contribute ideas!)