Friday, November 9, 2007

One Perfect Portrait and Holiday Schedule

Wow. I posted a few messages about the One Perfect Portrait benefit (, and within 24 hours, all the sessions were booked. Amazing! I'm so excited about doing this. I can't wait to meet everyone who signed up.

So as it is with most people, the end of the year is so busy, and everyone wants to have their pictures for the holidays. I want them to have them for the holidays. And I want to spend the holidays with my children. So - here's the deal. The last studio session is the weekend before Thanksgiving (and yes, we are very happy about being fully booked!) The weekend after Thanksgiving is One Perfect Portrait. Monday, November 26th (midnight that night) is the deadline for ordering anything for this year. Images from OPP will be put online Saturday and Sunday evening, and you will have the opportunity to order other images, but they must be ordered by midnight on the 26th. (Okay, in all reality, I'm not going to be watching the clock. Orders have to be in my mailbox by the time I get home from taking my son to school on Tuesday morning. :) )The week following, I will be spending every waking moment working on everyone's order, and running back and forth to the bathroom because of the copious amounts of coffee I will be drinking. :) They go to the printer. I take a huge breath and hope everything comes back perfect. Things happen, prints get redone. It's all good. They come back, get packaged and invoiced, I call you, and by mid-December, everyone should have their orders in time to mail them off. Anything ordered after November 26th will not be printed until January.

So in December, when we're closed, we're (hopefully) getting new floors in the studio (yay!), new curtains, and I may even finally finish painting the walls, since there will be plenty of time for it to air out. (okay, that's just a dream, really. But the curtains and floors are for real.) And yes, we're redoing the price list. It had to happen sooner or later. :)

In other news - Marirosa Anderson, Julia MacInnis, and I went to a seminar last week at Loudon Hospital for the bereavement training, and gave a presentation on Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. It was very well received, and I was overwhelmed with how encouraging and nice everyone was. This organization is only a few years old, and we're still trying to get the word out, both to the hospitals and to other photographers who may be interested in volunteering. If you're a photographer and you think this might be something you're able to do, please, call me or email me and let's chat a bit about it. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. The more photographers are involved, the better it will be for everyone.