Sunday, September 16, 2007

Thank you!

I'd just like to say thank you to all of you for the interest in my work. The past few days, I suspect someone has been going around saying nice things about me, because I am now officially booked for the rest of the year. I am happy to keep your name and number in case there's a cancellation, and when you're working with children, that's always a possibility. But in the meanwhile, I'm happy to schedule sessions starting again in January. And if you're looking for holiday pictures, there is the special session in November. Thanks again!

Here's one of my favorites from last night's session:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lost, found, and busy!

Wow - it's going to be a busy fall! I am completely booked for September and most of October and November. If you are interested in scheduling a session, there are a few days left at the end of October and mid-November. The last scheduled session date will be November 18th. The studio will be closed for the month of December, in order for us to complete the orders for Christmas. If you are interested in having pictures done for the holidays and aren't able to schedule a session, remember there will be the charity event on the 24th and 25th of November, with 20 minute mini sessions.

Are you the mother of a baby girl, and have misplaced your diaper bag? Are you missing shirts, bracelets, or onesies? If so, I think I know a good place to start looking: my studio! :) My 'lost & found' bag is starting to overflow, and I don't know who these things belong to. Some have been here for a while, some are fairly new. If you have misplaced something, let me know. I might have it!

School started last week. Josie is feeling it worst of all. She's so used to playing with her big brother all day long, that she just doesn't know what to do with herself. I've already started calling friends asking them for playdates - for me! And the latest with Josie - the happiest baby on the block has turned into a full-fledged drama queen. We've had several instances of her throwing herself on the floor, prostrate with anger, banging her hands and feet, and wailing as if she just found out that all the pacifiers in the world had been recalled. It's really hard not to laugh when it happens, because it's pretty darn cute. :)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

babies, babies

This has been a fabulous weekend for babies. 3 month old twin boys (we did a lot of laundry after that shoot!), and a five day old baby girl. I thought she was the youngest to be in the studio, but I was corrected - I photographed her big sister when she was only 4 days old (the 'stacked' family on the website). Any earlier than that, and they've been done on location. :)

This fall is looking to be fairly exciting! I'm going on a photo safari in New Hampshire in October. It was invitation-only, and I was so surprised when I was called. Some of the best portrait photographers in the country have been invited, and I was honored to be included. (New England in the fall - does it get any nicer? Well... maybe October in Virginia... but it's a close call!)

Also in October, the Fall Seminar for the VPPA will be in Fredericksburg. My favorite is the print critique. I've been entering prints into competition for a few years now, and the critiques are one of the best ways to prepare for comps. A table of judges telling you what's good - and bad - about your images. It can be hard to listen to, but you always learn something. It's just one of the ways that I, and all the other PPA and state affiliate photographers, work to improve the quality of our images.

In November, we're going to be hosting our fundraiser, benefiting Doorways for Women & Children, Arlington Pediatric Clinic, and Arlingtonians Meeting Emergency Needs. It will be held the weekend after Thanksgiving, and the press release will be coming out in mid-September. Keep checking back for information. I'm really looking forward to it!

So here's one from this weekend. (More to follow after the mom has seen them.) Enjoy!