Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Normal is good.

There has been much coughing and sleeping and fever in our house over the last week or so. A lot of sleeping. Because to get through the coughing and fever, it's pretty important that you sleep. For me, that's all I can do when I'm sick. I take to my bed like a southern belle with the vapors. I want nothing other than that sweet space between Nyquil and coma. I love that space. Not all the time, of course. I'm no junkie. Well, not since I cut back on caffeine (whimper) but I'm not, I swear.

But sleep. Sleep is good.

Unfortunately, trying to sleep with kids in the house, not so easy. My job for the past couple days, therefore, has been to stay OUT of the house. Because while *I* have had my flu shot, my kids haven't yet. And while they were sick and sniffly and coughing, they weren't feverish or achy. And that was a stage I had hoped to avoid. Which meant we had to avoid Scott, who was smacked upside down by some annoying little flu bug. So Scott was layed (laid? I never get that right) up in bed. He needed sleep. I knew he needed sleep. How did I know? Because my guy, who works until the job is done, no matter how long it takes, actually came home early and went to bed. Voluntarily. And stayed there for so many hours that they turned into days.

And so he slept. And I was out all day with two kids. Easy-peasy, right? Well, sure, except that those were the days that the skies opened up and spit on us. (Thanks a lot, Mother Nature. Right back atcha. ) No computer, other than my ipod and cell phone (hello twitter updates!) No work, because two kids are... um... well... let's just say I was a little tired at the end of the day. (Okay, fine, I passed out in my kids bed every night at 8pm. There, are you happy?) I got nothing done but keeping the kids alive and keeping my Sweet Baboo asleep in a different room. For days. I'm pretty sure that they skipped baths two nights in a row, but nobody actually complained. And now that we have a dog, we can blame a lot on the wet dog smell. (yay!)

And yesterday, the sun was shining, and my sweetie pie got up. He wasn't completely well, but he was definitely better. So laden with bottles of Robitussin, aspirin, and that nasty pink stuff you take to settle your stomach (I swear, I just totally blanked on the name - I have been losing random nouns from my memory for years), he went to work. And stayed all day. And ate dinner. And is officially on the mend.

Which means that today, my life got a little bit closer to normal.

Normal is good. Normal is underrated. I like normal. I like everyone feeling relatively healthy. I like knowing that people are leaving and returning at about the same time every day. I like knowing that if I put on Max & Ruby, I can set off fireworks, and Josie won't notice. (which is how I've managed to babble on for so long - we're on the second episode already! whoo hoo!) Who am I kidding? I love normal. Normal means that Scott goes to work and the kids go to school and playdates and I go to work, and then we come home and we fuss over the homework, and play, and eat dinner, and fuss over baths and bedtime, and struggle briefly with the 'family bed' concept that we should really put an end to, but it's never worth the fight THAT night, we'll save it for the weekend, except that weekend never actually gets there (maybe this weekend?) but eventually we all fall asleep. Maybe not where we planned to be, but all sleeping somewhere. Sometimes spread out in several rooms, sometimes like a big pile of puppies, all on one bed. And in those in between moments when we wake in the middle of the night, when a small sleepy body has snuggled into yours, and you reach out and hold a hand, or press your face into their hair and inhale deeply, these moments, this sleep... this is the sweet stuff of life. This is normal. This is all I want.

[Oh, and since this is technically a work blog, here's some recent pics!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So many new things...

Hello, my faithful 15. I've missed you so. It's been such a fast summer! Has it flown by for you, too? So many things have happened in the last few weeks. At our last little chat, I mentioned I was having weight loss surgery. Well, let me tell you - it's the best decision I ever made. Everything is going well, and I feel great. Thanks to everyone who sent such nice wishes my way!

The studio is hosting a workshop on September 20th from 4-7 pm, on creating an Artist Statement. The cost is $35, and is limited to 7 participants. Writing about your work can be much harder than actually creating the art itself. If you plan on being a working artist (or even a working-at-a-coffeeshop-while-creating-art artist) you will need to have an Artist Statement. It will be fun and painless, I promise. Coffee included. :) Interested? Send an email and I'll send you the registration information.

We have a couple new additions to our home... a dog named Katie and a kitten named Zeke. The general response has been something along the lines of, "TWO new animals at once? Are you crazy?" And many different versions of, "But you're so NOT a dog person!" Yeah, yeah, I know. I don't let my kids wear shoes in the house, I don't let them eat in the living room, and I have a white couch. What was I thinking?? Apparently, that a black kitten and a REALLY furry dog would cure me of any remaining germ phobias. Seriously, though - it just seemed... right. We had researched finding the perfect dog - hypoallergenic, good with kids, etc. And we almost went the way of a breeder. It was more expensive, but we thought it would be worth it. Except I couldn't quite bring myself to do it. We kept looking at the animal rescue organizations' pages, and there are just SO many animals out there that need a home. We called about a few, but nothing really was just right. So we decided to go to one of the Petsmart adoption fairs, with Lost Dog and Cat Rescue. We saw one that looked perfect online, but the foster mom said that she probably wouldn't be good with a 3 year old. As we were watching them come out of the van, this furry little creature walks by us. We make the obligatory, "oh, aren't you cute!" coos and start to scratch her behind the ears, when she drops to the ground and rolls over to have us rub her belly. Well. Apparently, I'm quite easy. I fell in love right there on the spot. We did a kitty test (make sure that she wouldn't attack the kitten), and then brought them both home. The rest is history! Our plans: hypoallergenic non-shedding puppy from a breeder. Our result: a 30 pound, 5 (ish) year old, furry, somewhat stinky love mop. And we wouldn't have it any other way. (And Zeke, of course! Zeke is a black kitty who goes into crazy kitten mode at the drop of a hat. He's a total whackjob, and we adore him!)

If you're considering a pet, PLEASE look at adopting. The perfect dog is out there, just looking for you.

I'll be posting some client work from the last few weeks soon - stay tuned!