Tuesday, May 27, 2008

oh dear readers

I have been remiss.  I apologize, my 9 faithful blog readers, I haven't posted anything in weeks.  WEEKS!  In a world where blogs are updated daily (or twittered hourly), I update, oh, every  once in a while.   Every week or two.  Or every month or two, in this case!

What's new with me... from now on backwards.  Today, I'm home with two sick  children.  Nothing serious, just a cold and a cough.  But if sent to school, they would have been sent back right away.  Today will be a day filled with Go, Diego, Go and Nickelodeon.com.  (and the kids will do some of that, too.)

Yesterday - yesterday was very cool.  Some very fabulous brand new parents stopped by on their way home from the hospital for a newborn session.  It was wonderful.  She was wonderful.  And I was REALLY impressed that they made it here!  Here's a bit of loveliness from that:

And yes, she literally JUST had a baby 4 days ago.  If only we all looked that good afterwards!  

Before that - where have I been? Oh, watching my house ALMOST get torn do
wn.  Or rather, some of it was.  And then they had to stop.  Short version: The electric company, rain, and a bit of, "but I thought YOU were going to blah blah blah".  Longer version includes tales of the world's second largest wasp nest in the attic, a hole in my living room wall, and an amazing amount of dust EVERYWHERE.  

But BEFORE all that happened, other things happened.  (Don't you like how I'm going backwards in time?  It feels very Momento to me.)

Here are some moments that happened between the last post in this one.

(I know what you're thinking - white back
ground?  You've got a white background?  Yes I do!  And I've been doing more color, too.  Oh, so many new things.  New toys.  New p rops.  Old backgrounds I'm finally dragging out.  Here'
s more!

There will be more soon.  I need to go do actual work now.  :)  And change the tv.  I'm feeling very Wind In The Willow's right now.  :)

I have been remiss