Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New kid in town...

There's this really amazing wedding photographer in Monterey, CA that folks in the DC area should take notice of - her name is Stephanie Millner, and the link to her site is over on the right side of this page. Why should you notice her, you may ask? Because she's about to move to the area. I want to be the first to welcome her to DC, and also the first to say (since she's moving in June): it's not the heat... it's the humidity. :)

In other news - the aforementioned talent Stephanie is also a designer, and she gets full credit for coming up with my logo. After many hours of sending minute changes back and forth, we've come up with this, and I love it.

And for those of you wanting to see some actual pictures, here's one from my most recent session. Such a nice family, and a beautiful baby.