Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new site followup

quick update - the site is done, I sent an email to the company for it to go live, but they haven't done it yet. Keep checking back - it should be up any hour (day?)


news news shoes shoes shoes

What's new? The website! Whoo hoo! I finally updated it! There are actual pictures, and slideshows, and text that isn't out of date! (For at least a week, that is.)

I know I'm excited.

It's not that I hate working on the website. I think it's kind of fun, actually. But it's fun in the way that working on my garden is fun. There are moments I want to throw in the trowel because it isn't anything like I imagined it would be (few things are, though). And then there are moments when I IM everyone I know to say, "Dude! You have to see this!! What do you think?" Because I am nothing if not needy for very instant feedback. (Yes, I did just write "very instant" - it's faster than simply "instant".... the world has gotten faster, and "simply instant" is sometimes still too slow. I am not ashamed to admit that I stand at the microwave and whine. But when you need to reheat your coffee, and you just put in more cold milk, it takes f o r e v e r. Seriously.)

But I digress.

Which is actually part of the reason the site takes so long to get updated. I have a tendency to digress in my life. Work on the website... look for good images to put on the slideshow that nobody has seen, get caught up in retouching a file that you want to use, next thing you know I'm rewriting a marketing piece to use that image, then I have to send it to Steff for her opinion (she rocks the printing world), and once I'm on with Steff, well, that day is shot. Because now Steff is in ROME. So to make up for the lack of hanging out in person-time, we now hang out online. We're totally unproductive. And as a side note, I recently discovered that it's totally possible to shoe-shop online in two different countries at the same time.

So now I have way too many shoes (how many different pairs of black strappy sandals do you need? I'm up to six, I think, but they are all different, and all totally cute.), and I think I can completely blame Steff for this. You see, Steff and I wear almost the same size in shoes, but slightly different. A 9 always fits one of us, depending on the shape. If I get a pair and they don't fit, I am sure they will fit her. So I have been putting together a box of random things to send to her. It started out as just cookies and a book, but let's just say, in the traditional Washington style: "Cookies were eaten." And the box was too big for just a book. So what the heck, let's throw in that pair of shoes that didn't fit but were oh so cute. And one pair became two, and now I don't even try on the shoes when I'm shopping at Marshall's and I have Josie with me, because in the back of my head I have this little voice that says, "oh, it's okay, if they don't fit, you can put them in Steff's box." And dude, they have some way cute shoes at Marshall's. And sometimes I'd get them just because I'd think, oh, this is going to be so funny when she opens THIS pair of shoes. (Yes, I am now actually buying shoes with the hope that they don't fit so I can have an excuse to send them to Italy.) There are other things in the box besides shoes, I swear. But not many.

So last week, Steff's husband Dave was in town, and offered to take back with him "The Box". Until I told him what was in it. And then he said something about how he only brought one extra suitcase, and maybe mailing it WAS a good idea after all. But I think it was because he didn't want to go through security and have to explain why, in his suitcase with his military uniform, there was also a pair of black leather 6 inch dominatrix heels.

It was an impulse buy.